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Staff Assist: your one-stop shop for construction pros

Do you still go through the yellow pages or massive Google searches to find contractors for your projects? Are you exhausted from searching for professionals manually, calling up contacts for a lead, or spending days in to-and-fro for mere portfolios? It all changes now.

Staff Assist, New Zealand’s premier construction marketplace connects professional and proven construction contractors with homeowners and businesses.

Conduct specific skill and experience searches, post jobs, and let the right talent come to you.

Why choose Staff Assist?

On-Demand Contractors

Planned projects or last-minute touchups, you just have to press Search to find the closest, best pro contractor, and hire – in minutes!

Low-Cost Commitments

Skip the risky investments of full-time staff and switch to leveraging the freelance contractor community for construction projects, as and when required.

Seamless Logistics

Find professional contractors near your property, from state to town to the exact street! Save up on worker commute costs and potential lag time when your contractor lives right by you!

Transparent Hiring

Connect with the best, field-ready contractors in the vicinity and discuss all the details of the project – via messages, photos, and videos – before making the final call.

Trustworthy Metrics

Step into our review section for real client testimonials and internal ratings about each contractor. Make your choice with confidence, trust, and complete satisfaction.

Star Performing Field Agents

Hire contractors you can trust. From proof of insurance to portfolios and applicable licenses, we tick all boxes before allowing a contractor in the marketplace.

Hassle-Free Hiring

Put out a job post and shortlist candidates from the resumes that come rolling in. Or search on our platform with your relevant filters to find the right contractor for your job. Hire in minutes, at the click of a button.

24/7/365 Support

Staff Assist’s client support team remains available around the clock to cater to any and all issues you have. Got any questions? Have any concerns? Feel free to contact us anytime.

Embrace the modern way of hiring contractors!