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Add Work Experience

This one’s a must. Simply stating your years of experience isn’t enough. Talk about where and who you’ve worked for (especially any big names) and discuss your work niche.

Be Detail-Oriented

Everything is in the details, especially in the business of construction. Be as elaborate as you can in describing your projects and be sure to mention any special details you feel can add a touch of magic to your project.

Upload Photos

A picture is better than a thousand words. Don’t just tell, show your projects of the past. From a fountain to an entire home, put your work on display and attract clientele. Pro tip – aesthetic pictures are even better than just pictures!

Add Background Checks

Another thing that puts you above others is background checks. Tell people you are trustworthy and reliable by posting the results of background checks run on you/your company by a third party. Add these to your profile documentation.

Be Insured

Construction is one business where insurance is key. Be proactive and obtain workers’ insurance to let your employers know you are serious, careful, and good at what you do. Adding an Employee Identification Number (EIN) is another plus to signal the start of a good working relationship!

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

If you see a job post and think you are the contractor for the job, shoot your goal! Message companies, build your network, and create an active profile to remain on top of business searches.

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