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One in every 20 employed people in New Zealand is a self-employed contractor, just like you.
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Break work barriers by going digital!

Has finding projects been difficult for you? Is one part of your day almost always dedicated to cold calling and emailing for leads, to no avail?

Let the work come to you with Staff Assist’s online marketplace for contractual construction labor.

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Here’s what you need to do…

Create Your Profile

Use a valid email address to sign up on our web portal and application. Fill in the application form with elaborate details of your skills, experience, location, and contact information.

Sort The Paperwork

Add your certifications, licenses, proof of insurance, and any other documentation to your profile to get that edge over other contractors. It's also a plus if you add references/testimonials!

Update Your Portfolio

Have you worked somewhere in the past? Flaunt your work and let project offers come to you! Add all your work to your digital portfolio and continue updating it.

Get Hired!

You’re all set to get those projects. Search for jobs around you and apply away. Or, if you’ve made a stellar profile, offers will soon begin dropping in your inbox. Pick what excites you and get constructing!

We’ve delighted thousands of construction workers just like you.

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Work on your own terms!

With Staff Assist, gain access to a world of work potential – in your palm. Decide where, how, and when to work. Focus on putting your A-game in front while we take care of the money matters with our invoicing tracking and pricing with our subscription model.

Embrace the future of work, now. It’s now or never.