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The construction costs in New Zealand are at an all-time high. As high as $2700-$3300. With Staff Assist, you can reduce your costs considerably, all the while enhancing quality of work.

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Reduce construction labor costs by as much as 30-40% with effective, efficient, and on-demand labor – right in your vicinity!

Optimize Overhead Cost

With the gig economy growing especially post-COVID, full-time labor is a thing of the past. Reduce overheads by switching to onboarding contractors just when you need them.

Save On Transport

Heard the closest contractor in the city is located 10 blocks away? Not anymore. Find workers within budget and at par with industrial standards close to you with our geographical filtering.

Skip Headhunter Fee

Recruiter fee is a real thing; especially when you’re searching for skilled and experienced talent. Kick these $ to the curb with our easy subscription (with discounts!) and access to the world of construction workers.

Capitalize on Punctuality

Time is money, which is why our marketplace finds your contractors near your site location. Lesser commute times equals quicker completion rates, reduced overheads, and soaring client satisfaction. Do we need to say more?

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